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One Nature Fondation

One Nature Foundation was set up in 2007 to protect the environment by raising awareness of the issues threatening our planet and taking action to combat them through renaturation and restoration. ​


Wastebuster is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company on a mission to give children the tools and mindset to work towards a more sustainable future. It aims to bring waste education to life with films, media-rich resources and campaigns designed to inform, inspire and empower children to care for the environment. It supports individuals, teachers, parents, schools and Governments to ensure responsible consumption stays at the top of the education agenda.

The pod logo

The Pod

Run by Wastebuster, the Pod is an online learning platform for science and sustainability for teachers, children and their families. It is the largest environmental education programme in the UK with over 40% of all Primary and Secondary schools (22,000 establishments) registered. It offers free lesson plans, practical activities, assemblies, films, games and information, all with cross-curricular links.

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