At Precious Planet we want to restore harmony with the natural world. 

By reconnecting people with nature. 

By using entertainment and story telling to raise awareness. 

By educating to inspire and empower people to act

Humanity is at a critical moment in its history. The consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss, as a result of human activity is having a dangerous effect on our planet. Our actions over the coming 10 years will define the fate of our future for centuries. ​

Informed citizens, who have a connection to nature, are more inclined to act to protect the natural world. However, awareness of the issues and their solutions, and how this translates into more sustainable life choices, is not yet mainstream.​

Equally alarming are the widespread feeling of hopelessness and apathy about the health of our planet, especially amongst young people. ​

Never has it been more important to reconnect young people with nature and to equip them with the practical tools and healthy mindset to live positive and productive lives, in harmony with the natural world. For the well being of humanity, for the health of our planet and for all life on Earth.​