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Katy Newnham

Co-founder & Creative Director

Katy is the Founder and CEO of Wastebuster, a not-for-profit environmental education company. With partners ranging from UN Environment to Pinewood Film Studios and Google, Wastebuster supports over 20,000 schools, and 30,000 teachers worldwide, using entertainment to inspire social change. Katy began her career as a commercial underwater photographer, but having witnessed the impact of climate change and pollution on the Oceans’ ecosystems, moved into conservation and education. In 2006 she created Wastebuster, specialising in delivering national and international, cross-sector education and awareness campaigns, designed to promote responsible consumption in primary aged school children. In 2019, Wastebuster acquired The Pod, an education platform for schools and together they have become one of the largest providers of free education for sustainable development, to children all over the world.

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